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Children's Railroads Images
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Children's Railroads

Children are fascinated and captivated by model trains (that goes for the child inside most adults as well!). Starting at about two years of age, there is a magnetic attraction to these mini mechanical marvels that develops. They become aware of the fact that there are full-sized versions all around us, doing things. Model Trains have the matching characteristics as the full-sized trains they replicate. As the owner/engineer of your model railroad world, you can change the character and purpose and destination of your railroad world whenever the spirit moves you. For example, it's mixed freight today and tomorrow you have a "consist" made up primarily of automobile carriers. Your layout has a unique design that is yours, whether we give you a hand with it, or you decide to "do it yourself". The concept of what you want for your children or yourself always factors into the final design of your layout. Most importantly, whether you are two or ninety-two, you control your own private toy train universe.

Children's Model Railroads take many forms. Often in the beginning, kids start with wooden trains. They immediately become civil engineers as they learn that trains have grades that go both up and down. Then there are the various obstacles to be overcome, such as mountains and bodies of water. Kids immediately learn that freight cars are defined by the job they do and that each car is designed for a special purpose.

Huff & Puff Industries, Ltd. creates and installs layouts for children's bedrooms and playrooms, as well as interactive play environments featuring wooden or electric trains for hospitals, schools, doctors and dentists offices, restaurants, and museums.

One of our more ambition projects included a restaurant/ice cream parlour layout named "The Chocolate Volcano Model Railroad" that erupted real chocolate every fifteen minutes, accompanied by rumbles of the eruption, shooting sparks, and flames! Huff & Puff Industries, Ltd. have also created model railroad desks for children and young adults, which they deem très cool!

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