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Gardens With Trains Images
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Gardens With Trains

These gardens are not built to any railroad scale, although they can be designed on a theme. Gardens with Trains use all full sized plant material. The railroad aspect is used as an engaging added element, using visual and auditory senses as an additional enhancement to the garden, in much the same way as garden designs use statuary, fountains, and other garden "furniture".

Gardens with Trains use outdoor trains in G-Scale, i.e., ½ scale inches to the foot, as they are to be seen against a backdrop of full scale trees, shrubs, and flower material, and waterfalls.

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The Shabui Garden Railway in G-Scale

A train within a Japanese-inspired Water Garden, leads you through islands of serenity.

This Model Railroad perhaps perfectly demonstrates this unique form of Gardens with Trains and consists of multiple elevations that reach a height of thirty feet, or more. The garden contains five waterfalls that descend to a brook with a vermilion bridge with antique lotus finials. Crossing the dramatic suspension bridge over the tallest waterfall is a tiny train which, in relationship to the mature plantings, creates an almost mystical experience. The locomotive and train cars arrive on the bridge from nowhere, cross over the waterfall and disappear under an exquisite Japanese maple. The entire environment catches the visitor by surprise and the magic is palpable.