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Train Furniture Images
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Train Furniture

Aptly named The Huffy & Puff Miniscule Series, these custom model railroads are the ultimate gift or upscale recognition trophy for the celebrity, or just for your own personal pleasure. N Scale Model Railroads are displayed within the confines of cocktail tables, room dividers, desks and even aquariums!

These Model railroads often celebrate a client's life story, work, family, historic area of interest, or to commemorate a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, or a retirement, an extraordinary hostess gift, or as a way to have fun and enjoy a license to play as an adult!

Some of the creative ideas for these Huff & Puff miniature model railroads have included a layout for a client's first or second home, industrial railroads for clients in the business of train manufacture, and a geographical railroad for a man born in the most famous train town in the country, Altoona, Pennsylvania (home of the Juanita shops and manufacturing center for the mighty Baldwin engines). We have even done a Cubs-Wrigley Field railroad. The most popular tables of all are the fantasy/free-form railroads that take you on the trip of a lifetime, restricted only by your own imagination.

The room dividers are used for Great or Family Rooms, Restaurants, and Hotel Lobbies. They are different from Train Tables as the landscape assumes more realistic proportions since there are often no height restrictions. In contrast, Train Tables are enclosed and are often restricted to twelve inches in height. The Room Divider Model Railroad has a vertical plate glass divider, which lends an element of elegance as it visually divides the space. Often winter is presented on one side, while the other side depicts a summer scene.

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The above Train Table was made for the occasion of the owner's seventy-fifth birthday, as a gift from his children. He is a member of Fortune Two Hundred. This Biographical Railroad includes his manufacturing entities, his home, his racetrack (including automated horses running to a microchip of his favorite races). (N scale)

NOTE: Some of these layouts are currently for sale. Please contact us for more information.