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Garden Railways Images
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Garden Railways

Garden Railways can be found in every manifestation imaginable, from interpretations of actual geographical, historical and prototypical railroads, to what is commonly called "fantasy" layouts.

All Garden Railways, however, have one extraordinary thing in common. They exist in the identical physical environment as real railroads, the only difference is scale. For example, 6 inches of snow in half-inch Garden Railway scale equals twelve feet of snow for real trains. Train operations in both cases come to a halt until track can be cleared! G-Scale trains are all-weather trains. It depends on what you yourself can endure physically!

The wonderful thing about Garden Railways is that family and friends of all ages can get involved and have a great time. The marriage of trains and gardening makes it FUN for everyone! G-Scale Trains also are the most tolerant and user-friendly of all of the model trains currently manufactured. But beware, you will suddenly find yourself with a host of new friends!

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The Gloree & Tryumfant Garden Railway

Believe it or not, this railroad has withstood seventeen Chicago winters without a whimper. Shown is Huff & Puff Industries' Demonstration Garden Railroad. It provides our clients with ideas and inspiration during the creative process, as well as some technical information that would otherwise be difficult for the layperson to understand. Visits are by appointment only for qualified potential clients.