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Elaine Silets

Elaine Silets, "The Train Lady"®
President, Huff & Puff Industries, Ltd.

Over the many years that Huff & Puff has been in business, the most Frequestly Asked Questions are those listed to the right. Should you wish to query us further, please feel free to email us using the Contact section.

Thank you!

Question: Do you cover your Garden Railways in the winter?
Answer: NO. Garden Railroads operate all year long in any climate. They are miniature prototypes of real railroads and operate under the same weather constraints.

Question: Is Huff & Puff open to the public?
Answer: NO. We are open to qualified perspective buyers by appointment only. However, we are open for occasional charitable fund raising events. Please complete the Special Events Registration Form.

Question: How long does it take to build a railroad?
Answer: The length of time required to build a Model Railroad or a Garden Railway depends on the scope, size, and intricacies involved. This is driven by the design, the number of square feet, number of lineal feet of track, type of installation and method of operation requested by the client, as well as the custom buildings, automations, special features and the level of detail specified. The process is much like working with a home building contractor.

Question: How much do you charge for your railroads?
Answer: Huff & Puff Industries custom designs each railroad to the exacting requirements and unique specifications of each individual customer. As a result, prices vary depending on customized features such as bridges, buildings and trestles. Backdrops factor into the cost as well. In general, prices for an initial on-site survey for Garden Railways and Model Railroad Layouts start at $1,500 (USD). Architectural designs and renderings begin at $2,000 (USD). Christmas Tree Surrounds, Christmas Model Train Layouts, and other holiday displays start at $7,500 (USD). Custom Children's Wooden Railroad Interactive Environments begin at $7,500 (USD). Commercial and retail displays begin at $20,000 (USD). Model Railroads, Train Furniture, Garden Railways, etc. start at $25,000 (USD) and go up in price depending on the design, labor, materials, square footage, landscape topography, and techniques involved.

Question: Do you buy collections?
Answer: NO.

Question: Do you sell Scale Trains?
Answer: We do under certain circumstances, such as to our regular layout customers.

Question: Do you sell track, accessories, etc.?
Answer: NO. We are not a Hobby Shop or Website devoted to that side of the business.

Question: Do you repair trains?
Answer: NO. We recommend returning your trains to the dealer you purchased them from, or to the manufacturer for repair.

Question: Can you create Garden Railways in scales other than G-scale?
Answer: No. We prefer to use G-Scale exclusively for our Garden Railways, as they are manufactured for exterior use.